I had the privilege to meet, teach and observe Magnus in the Stott Pilates Certification Centre in Toronto (Jan-June 2010). He was a student in the Comprehensive Matwork and Reformer program, in which a course in musculo-skeletal anatomy was part of the curriculum. I guided Magnus through this course. His drive and determination to understand how the body worked was amazing. He understood all pertinent information, and was in command of his knowledge to the extent that he could learn about complex issues involving the biomechanics of movement, exercise physiology, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

As a Master Instructor Trainer for Stott Pilates, I often spend time in the certification centre informally evaluating both the courses and students. I witnessed first-hand how Magnus could engage his theoretical knowledge in practice as he worked with clients of all abilities. His determination to not only understand the Stott method of Pilates, but also to apply it to common daily movement patterns and postures, as well as highly specific movement biomechanics, was fantastic. Magnus approaches each and every client differently. Not once did Magnus teach in a formulaic manner. He takes all aspects of his teaching tools and applies them appropriately to the client to allow them to find the required musculature, postural and neuromuscular awareness.

Magnus’ drive for knowledge is contagious. His clients become educated about their bodies’ strengths, potential, and anatomical possibilities and limitations. He is able to encourage clients through his teaching with humour, knowledge, creativity and a constant biomechanical analysis of how the body is both moving and responding to the particular exercise or modification.

Sally Belanger’s gaze can tell more about a body’s anatomy than a surgeon’s scalpel. She is enthusiastic and generous in sharing her inexhaustible well of knowledge. Sally is a Master Instructor Trainer for Stott Pilates in Toronto, Canada.

I cannot recommend Magnus’ teaching highly enough!  As a person who has been doing Pilates for years, I’m always a bit surprised to discover the subtle ways in which my body still tries to cheat its way through movements.  A dropped shoulder here, an extended spine or a tilted foot there, and the integrity of the exercise is compromised.  Magnus has a very thorough understanding of the anatomy of movement, and always catches me on my bad habits and works with me to correct them.  I have learned a lot about my own body and have experienced so much improvement in our short time together. Because Pilates is such a complex mind-body exercise method, any good instructor must have a variety of accessible cues to help their clients understand and achieve the desired movements.  Magnus has a seemingly endless number of cues to encourage proper movement, and this, coupled with his keen eye for anatomical details and a natural teaching style, makes him an ideal Pilates Instructor.

Karen Banting must be glad she is not a cat, because curiosity would have killed her. She wants to understand every single aspect of the practice and her body, and her willpower is extraordinary. She works as an Education Services Coordinator at STOTT Pilates, Toronto.

As a new student to Pilates I was thrilled to find such a patient, knowledagable and eager teacher. Magnus really paid attention to my breathing, movements and muscles to ensure I was getting the most out of every move. He made sure that I always paid attention to the core principles and thoroughly explained each move to make sure I felt comfortable. Magnus explained how different muscles worked together and what I should try to acheive with each move to ensure I was getting the most out of our time together. I gained a new understanding of my body through our lessons together, especially in the areas of balance and strength. Overall, my practice with Magnus has increased my confidence in myself through inproving my posture, body awareness and overall health. Thank you Magnus!

I mean it — thank you!

Aimee Polonsky is the most determinate and eager learner that you can imagine. Not only did her attitude ensure a very steep learning curve, but she also made it a sheer joy to work with as she let me make a difference in her life.

Hi Magnus,

I greatly enjoyed my experience learning Pilates from you.

As you know, I had not exercised seriously in around 2 years. I was very nervous about starting again, but you set my mind at ease from the first session.

I liked that you started with the basics of Pilates, and session by session pushed me just that little bit more. Explaining to me specifically where I should be feeling each movement was invaluable – it enabled me to focus more on what my body is supposed to be doing.  You were very positive in your feedback to me, you were encouraging without being «bossy». I felt respected and that you cared about my well-being.

I find that my balance and chronic pain have improved over the past few weeks, and that it’s easier to keep moving. I am much more mindful of how I’m standing and sitting, and I breathe more deeply – which of course helps me to relax.

I thank you for teaching me great exercises for strengthening my injured shoulder – I see the truth in encouraging my rotator cuff to properly support it.

I feel very encouraged, and will absolutely continue on my Pilates journey.

Tania McClean is an Executive Assistant who always presents herself with a sincere laughter.

Magnus is a terrific instructor; he has a great understanding of anatomy and a keen eye for detail. He analyzes your limitations and focuses on improving them. Magnus provides great tactile cues that help to understand and control your body better. He also very effectively incorporates various exercise props. He will bring out the best in you and you will definitely feel your muscles burn!

Paulina Zelazny has an amazingly fit body. She works in corporate communications and has practiced Pilates for eight years.