Lust att skriva om dig själv?

The Swedish journal Nutida Musik invites you to participate in the summer issue. This number, a double issue, will thematically take the perspective of You, who in one way or another work with contemporary music and sound art. It is you – composer, musician, arranger, curator, sound artist, sound poet, performance artist – who will contribute with material about yourself. It should be about your creative process, the things that are important to you, and there are no specific restrictions for what is publishable: texts on methods, pictures and sketches on scores or rehersals, mail correspondances, diaries, ideas, visions, manifestos … Tell about the things that you have done, or what you are doing at this very moment, or planning to do in the future … Nutida Musik will also launch its new website. The new number will therefore «bleed» into the internet. This means that we will do our best to publish all material we receive, either in the paper journal or on the internet. English is (apart from Swedish) the language of preference, but you are allowed to write in whatever language you prefer. All together this will form a showcase over new music today.

If you would like to contribute, please get in contact with Nutida Musik. We need to correspond before April 15th. Deadline for material is May 1st.

Hold deg oppdatert på nye artikler om musikk. Jeg deler selvfølgelig ikke din e-postadresse med noen. Du kan når som helst melde deg av nyhetsbrevet.

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